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icon_etaDeveloped With Both Users And Managers In Mind, ETA Is Project Management Software That is Both Drag-And-Drop Easy, And Fine-Grained Detail Oriented.

Streamlined project tracking and management for all levels of your organization

  • Executive dashboards provide real-time insight into project health, resource allocation, and budgeting
  • Resource planning tools and analytics for project managers
  • Create, manage, and report on portfolios and projects dynamically
  • Dynamic graphs and summaries of budget versus actual expenses over time
  • Issue reporting divided by severity
  • Tasks and allocated hours reporting by resource/task worker
  • Drag and drop task prioritization within project phases

A proper synthesis of management and technology is essential to successful and on-time delivery of mission-critical projects. MD Tech Solutions is proud to introduce Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). ETA is a project management application that is far easier to use and maintain than traditional project management solutions and is designed to integrate with your existing systems to save valuable time, identify problems before they force work to stop, and keep projects flowing towards completion.

Key Features


Create, manage and report on portfolios within the organization. ETA’s portfolios represent a subdivision of your organization’s initiatives that logically group projects and programs together in a coherent structure. Project and program reporting data rolls up concisely to the project level for by-the-minute details.


Create and manage the day-to-day operations of projects within portfolios and programs. Projects consist of phases, tasks, budgets, issues, risks, and mitigations. Resources, which are allocated from departments, are assigned to each project from a resource pool that is managed by department heads.


Multiple dashboards provide summaries and detailed reporting of different aspects of your organization’s initiatives.

Executive Dashboard

Provides visibility into the overall health of portfolios, programs, projects, remaining budgets, and “at risk” tasks for your executive management team. ETA’s Executive Dashboard includes visibility into portfolios, programs, projects, budgeting, and “at risk” tasks as well as offering click-through to reports and dashboards that are more detailed. ETA makes it as easy to see the big picture as it is to get into the nitty-gritty.

Portfolio Dashboard

Provides visibility into the overall health of portfolios. Includes detailed information scoped to the currently selected portfolio. The portfolio dashboard provides insights and KPI indicators for tasks, risks, issues, resources, budget and has click-throughs to detailed reports and administrative functions.

Program Dashboard

Provides visibility into the overall health of projects within a selected program or portfolio and is limited to information that the viewer has permissions to view. ETA’s program dashboard displays KPI indicators for tasks, risks, issues, resources, budget, and click-throughs to detailed reports, dashboards, and administrative functions.

Project Dashboard

The project dashboard in the ETA project management software provides details and operational functionality including:

  • Task information, including tasks by status (not started/started/complete/cancelled) and detailed views and management of each task.
  • Budget information with graphs, sum of budget income, actual expenses over time, and detailed views.
  • Risk information such as graphics showing counts of mediated and unmediated risks by level (high, medium, low) where the details can be filtered by level and detail links.
  • Issues includes information like graphs showing open and closed issues by severity (high, medium, low) and details filtered by severity, as well as detail links.
  • Resource information with task counts and time-on-task information with click-throughs to details.
  • Gantt chart timeline of tasks and phases in the project.
  • Project documents.

“My Info” Dashboard

Presents information scoped to the items that each individual worker/resource needs to see and act upon to, including projects for which they are a member, tasks for which the worker/resource is responsible, issues assigned to the individual worker/resource, risks assigned to the individual worker/resource, hyperlinks from displayed entities to the entity dashboards, details, and administrative functions.

Department Dashboard

Visibility into scoped items that are assigned or associated with a department, limited to a departmental manager role. The Department Dashboard shows:

  • Department operations
  • Resources in the department
  • Projects that resources in the department are assigned
  • Tasks that are assigned to resources in the department
  • Issues assigned to resources in the department
  • Risks assigned to resources in the department
  • Open workflow actions assigned to resources in the department
  • Budget line items that have the department as a cost center.
  • Department management
  • Project KPI matrices that have the department as a beneficiary
  • New project requests
  • Project inquiries
  • Items routed to assigned project manager via workflow

What Makes ETA a Better Project Management Software Solution?

  • Robust portfolio and project management features are ready to go out-of-the-box, without the requirement of extensive backend support or configuration
  • Compatible with SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises
  • Accommodates both Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies
  • Resource management
  • Budget and expense management support
  • Built-in dashboards with included configurable KPI
  • Built-in interactive graphs and charts
  • Gantt chart view of project timeline
  • Risk assessment and management tools
  • Streamlined and versatile user interface to suit a variety of project types
  • Project sites roll up data to higher level dashboards for maximum visibility
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