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MD Tech Solution’s Digital Contract Management System (DCMS) provides your agency with an improved system to help you better manage your contracts. With DCMS you won’t have a contract expire unexpectedly, leaving you unable to provide the support required of you. This system will also help prepare you for any audits. Our development team can provide customization tailored perfectly to your agency.

DCMS will help your organization save time and money.

Our Easy-to-Use Software Features

  • Enterprise view
  • Views based on permissions
  • Reminders and notification
  • Centralize repository
  • Auto-filled document types for contract renewals
  • Workflow notification
  • Workflow approval
  • Automated email submission

Benefits of Our Contract Management Software

  • Decrease contract cycle time
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Increase compliance
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve contract renewal rate

Hosting Options

MD Tech has 3 hosting options:

  • Tenant-Shared
  • Tenant-Dedicated
  • On-Premises


This hosting solution is located in our Azure cloud. This option gives you all the benefits of DCMS, including accessibility from anywhere with internet access. Additionally, this is the least expensive option.


Provides a Private Cloud Solution for hosting the DCMS solution. This solution is located in our Azure cloud. This option gives you all the benefits of DCMS including the ability to access your DCMS system from anywhere you have Internet Access, and also provides additional security.


This option is only as secure as your facility, but on-premises hosting gives your organizatio the benefits of DCMS local.

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